Sustainability Through an Intersectional Lens

25 March 2021

On October 20, 2020 the presentation "Sustainability Through an Intersectional Lens" was created as part of the University of Alberta's Sustainability Awareness Week, a partnership between the Sustainability Council and the university's Signature Areas. This panel features our own Intersections of Gender signature area.

In this Intersections of Gender panel discussion, University of Alberta graduate students from a range of disciplines represent their ongoing research on sustainability from an intersectional perspective.

Moderated by Rebecca Sockbeson, Associate Director of the Intersections of Gender signature area and Professor in the Department of Education. Dr. Sockbeson is of the Penobscot Indian Nation. A political activist and scholar, she has a master’s degree from Harvard University and a PhD in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Alberta, specializing in Indigenous Peoples Education. In 2013, she and her Indigenous colleagues received a University of Alberta Human Rights Teaching Award for her role in coordinating and teaching Alberta’s first compulsory course in Aboriginal Education.

Angeline M Letourneau is a PhD student in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology. She will present on “The Energy Speedbump: Exploring how masculinity can slow down the energy transition.” With an established record working in industry, her community, and in academia, Angeline maintains a strong commitment to moving research beyond academic institutions and ensuring that research can be both meaningfully applied and decolonial.

Carrie Karsgaard’s doctoral research in Educational Policy explores the participatory nature of public pedagogy on Instagram. Using the Trans Mountain pipeline controversy as a case study, she uses the large-scale data available on Instagram to trace and analyze how publics reinforce, reject, and/or destabilize settler colonialism as they leverage platform affordances to engage with the pipeline issue.