Intersectional Inquiries Contest - Answers

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Intersectional Inquiries Contest!

24 September 2021








Who are the two scholars that are credited with the concept/metaphor/framework of intersectionality?
Answer: Patricia Hill Collins; Kimberlé Crenshaw

Fill in the blanks of this title: All the women are _____, all the Blacks are _____ . But some of us are _____.
Hint: This book is a landmark feminist anthology in Black Women’s Studies and edited by Akasha (Gloria T.) Hull, Patricia Bell-Scott, and Barbara Smith
Answer: White, Men, Brave.

What sociological paradigm introduced by Patricia Hill Collins shares a concept with a famous 90’s and 2000’s sci-fi series created by two white trans women?
Hint: the protagonist Neo chooses between a red pill and a blue pill
Answer: Matrix of domination

What infamous statement written by Black lesbian feminists began to articulate the concept of intersectionality although the term had not then been in use?
Hint: In this statement the term “identity politics” was first introduced
Answer: The Combahee River Collective Statement

What is the name of the abolitionist (both recognized in Canada and the United States) who helped lead the Combahee River Riots on June 1, 1863?
Hint: after being struck by a slave owner, this woman also lived with disability which historians now believe were epileptic seizures
Answer: Harriet Tubman
Note: We messed this up in the original! The date was 1863 not 1963 - thankfully, everyone got it right anyway!

Which Indigenous language is the word Combahee derived from?
Hint: colonial name for the location is South Carolina
Answer: Cusaboan
Note: We unfortunately also messed this one up having thought it first to be the Muskogean language. Although for a long time it was believed that the Cusabo spoke a form of the Muskogean language, linguistic research since the late 20th century disputes this. The language spoken by the Cusabo is virtually unknown and is now extinct.

At which Canadian University did Black students occupy the computer centre from January 29th to February 11th in 1969?
Hint: this University used to be called Sir George Williams University
Answer: Concordia

What is the name of the movement started in June of 1972 which formed to liberate caste-oppressed peoples, in particular Dalits, in India?
Hint: This group was inspired by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and the U.S. Black Panthers
Answer: Dalit Panthers Movement (DPM)

What term created for and by Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island refer to Indigenous peoples outside the gender binary?
Answer: Two-spirit (acceptable answer is also Indigiqueer)

Go to and find the meaning for the phrase Nádleehí in Navajo.
Answer: "those who transform"

What most commonly used term refers to a third gender in India?
Answer: Hijra

What year was the signature area for the Intersections of Gender formed at the University of Alberta?
Answer: 2018
Note: Although the concept for Intersections of Gender was developed as early as 2016, it didn’t become a Signature Area until 2018. The launch of IG took place in March of 2019.

What is the mandate for the Intersections of Gender Signature Area?

  • make visible existing research related to intersections of gender­ locally, nationally and internationally;
  • support existing and build new interdisciplinary and cross­-faculty research collaborations;
  • grow mentorship and teaching across all status groups;
  • engage communities across all sectors (non­profit, government and corporate).
What is the name of an intersectional scholar who was the keynote speaker for the Intersections of Gender launch event?
Hint: Her latest book focused on intersectionality’s intellectual history
Answer: Ange-Marie Hancock (Alfaro)