Interdisciplinary Studies

Course-based Program Requirements

The Digital Humanities program is pleased to announce that we will be launching a course-based MA program beginning September 2019.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete necessary coursework and practicum, fulfil FGSR's professional development requirement, and fulfil FGSR's ethics requirement.

Coursework and Practicum:
The course-based MA in Digital Humanities consists of 30 credits of course work (10 X 3-credit courses) plus 6 credits of practicum (2 X 3-credit courses) for a total of 36 credits.  Of these, 27 credits (9 courses) are in Digital Humanities, and 9 credits (3 courses) are in courses approved by the students’ specialization department (if applicable), or are open for students in the Individualized program. 

Required courses (★27):

DH 500 – Introduction to Digital Humanities

Any two of

DH 510 – Topics in Digital Theory and Culture

Any two of

• DH 520 - Topics in Technical Concepts and Approaches

Any two of

• DH 530 - Topics in Building in Context

Any two of

• DH 900 – Digital Humanities Practicum

Elective courses (9):

- 3 courses approved by student’s specialization department (if applicable)


- 3 courses of student’s choice (Individualized program)