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Open Minds 2018

Join us on November 27th for a celebration of UAlberta's Humanities and Social Science Research with 9 lightning fast presentations!

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LASER Alberta: Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous

On November 29th, UAlberta will be hosting its next LASER event on the theme of Visions of Ecology.

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Moving Ideas Without Moving People

Learn how to plan and organize e-conferences at the University of Alberta!

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Research Map of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts

Browse our interactive network visualization to find experts and potential new research collaborators!

The Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) is a major endowed research institute based at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. KIAS supports interdisciplinary and collaborative research in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts, focusing on research with the potential for national or international recognition. 

Our regular research funding program features Dialogue Grants, Research Team Grants, and Research Cluster Grants, while our other grants include the CRAfT Digital Research Archive Grant, the Alberta Humanities Research Grant, and the Alberta-Saskatchewan Research Collaboration Grant.

We help researchers connect and form teams through our in-person and digital networking initiatives.

Browse the tabs or learn more about our research grants on our Funding page, and check out our upcoming events and networking opportunities on our News & Events page.

Dialogue Grants support research meetings, networking, outreach, and conferences to help researchers organize, present, or disseminate research. Networked dialogues can raise the visibility of research using the internet and digital tools. Flexible support available, generally $2000. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Read more

Research Team Grants support the formation of interdisciplinary research teams that have the potential to achieve national or international recognition for reseach. Teams are prioritized for further funding. Flexible support up to $7500. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Read more

Research Cluster Grants support sustained activities of an interdisciplinary research team that can raise the team to the level where it has a national or international research impact. Flexible support available, up to $100,000. Annual call for short proposals. Read more

Featured Projects

Russian Policy and the War in Ukraine's Donbas

International experts discuss the war in Ukraine's Donbas region and potential solutions to the conflict.

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Land-based Learning in Teetl'it Zheh

A collaborative project building a sustainable on-the-land learning camp for Teetl'it Gwich'in youth, elders, and everyone in between.

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Sustaining Mountain Cultures in the Canadian West

Interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral cluster explores ecological and cultural sustainability of mountain places and peoples.

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Documenting the Dene Diaspora

Living archive to document the scientific story of Dene peoples and the traditional and historical knowledge of the Dene.

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Boom / Bust in Canada

Interdisciplinary project examining resiliency in resource based communities to explore relationships between resource reliance, community well-being, and adaptive capacity.

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Migration Views

A rapid research response project showcasing scholarly, professional and personal reflections on migration and the refugee crisis.

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