***DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 1*** Call for Applications: New Scholars Seminar for Digital Scholars preceding DH 2018 conference

Apply now for the New Scholars Seminar 2018 (NSS18) in Mexico City! The NSS18 will be part of DH 2018 taking place before the conference. Applications are due June 1st.

09 April 2018

We invite applications for the New Scholars Seminar 2018 (NSS18) in Mexico City. The NSS18 will be part of DH 2018 taking place before the conference. It is a full day 'unconference' for new scholars convened by Rachel Hendery, Geoffrey Rockwell, Elise Bohan, and Juan Steyn with support from the Kule Institute for Advanced Study.

What is the New Scholars Seminar?

The NSS18 is an unconference event on Monday 25 June preceding the DH2018 conference. The NSS is for new scholars to meet and develop research collaborations in the digital humanities. The agenda for the unconference events will be set by the participants. This year, we will continue the mentoring component. Participants in the NSS18 will be matched, where possible, with senior scholars in their area as a 'mentor' during the rest of the DH2018 conference. This is a great opportunity to meet and discuss your work with an international leader in your discipline. While no travel funding is available through the NSS this year, the seminar has no registration charge (participants are however expected to attend DH 2018 and pay the conference registration fee).

Who should participate?

For the purposes of this seminar a "new scholar" is defined as someone who is either a graduate student or someone who has received their PhD within the last 5 years (or longer if a case is made for career interruption). Postdoctoral fellows and people in alternative academic positions are welcome to apply. Participation will be by reviewed application.

How does one apply?

Applications are due by June 1st. Applications include i) a short (up to one-page) Statement of Research that outlines your research interests in digital humanities; and ii) a (maximum two-page) CV. Applications should be sent to the Kule Institute for Advanced Study <kias@ualberta.ca> at the University of Alberta.

New Scholars Seminar Programme

The programme for the seminar will be developed by the participants once accepted and coordinated by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study. The idea is to empower new scholars to develop their own research directions and collaborations. There will therefore be two phases:

1. Before the on site portion of the Seminar there will be an online component. Participants will share their Statements and negotiate what will happen during the seminar. We expect there will be clusters of research interests that emerge which can form the intellectual backbone of the Seminar. KIAS will coordinate an online conversation that will encourage leadership to emerge from within the group so that the actual structure of the on site day will be primarily organized by the participants. This is also the time at which participants can peruse the conference program and notify us of their preferences for who they would like to be paired with for the mentorship activity.

2. The on site portion of the Seminar will take place from 9-4:30pm on the 25th of June. The program will include discussions led by participants addressing issues identified in online discussion and unconference activities.