Kule Projects

KIAS supports research in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts at the University of Alberta. Our funding programme focuses on research with the potential for national or international recognition and supports a variety of research projects. Browse our project gallery to find out about exciting work that has been supported by KIAS.

Land-based learning in Teetl'it Zheh: A University-First Nation Bush Camp Partnership

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Building Research at the Intersections of Gender

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Deep Learning for Sound Recognition

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Boom/Bust in Canada: Tempering Canadian Experiences of Resource Dependency

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Sustaining Mountain Cultures in the Canadian West

Interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral cluster explores ecological and cultural sustainability of mountain places and peoples.

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Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory

International team of scholars and artists investigate how arts theory and practice can address challenges of anthropogenic climate change.

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Documenting the Dene Diaspora

Living archive to document the scientific story of Dene peoples and the traditional and historical knowledge of the Dene.

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Health, Wealth and Happiness

Interdisciplinary cluster examines effects of differences in family life course paths on older adults’ health, wealth and happiness.

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After Oil

International academic and public research project operating under the rubric of the Petrocultures Research Group.

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A timely project documenting Ukrainian churches, church contents, ritual practice and sacral sound across the Canadian prairies. 

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21st Century Indigenous Language Tools

Developing electronic tools for North American indigenous languages in order to support their revitalization and continued use in all spheres of life.

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Democratic Reform of the Government of Ukraine

Interdisciplinary project examines good governance and the rule of law, post-secondary education reform, and nationality and language policies.

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Intersections of Sustainability

Trans-disciplinary team explores water governance, climate change, resource development and the perspectives of rural and Indigenous communities.

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Old Stories in New Ways

An international research and artist team collaborate to tap the powers of story and performance to contribute to timely social intervention.

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Kule Initiatives

KIAS initiatives include the rapid research responses and the Around the World live-streamed collaborative conference.

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KIAS Rapid Research Responses

Around the World 2017 Digital Media in a Post-Truth Era poster

The Around the World live-streamed global conference.