Data Analytics Research Core

The Data Analytics Research Core (DARC) provides high-performance computing (HPC) in a secure environment for health data. This helps researchers to meet the privacy and security requirements of health information custodians, thus enabling appropriate access to health data for research.

DARC provides:

  • High performance computing with multiple machines with over 3.8 TB RAM and 440 logical processors, including one GPU server with 8 x Tesla V100 GPUs and two new servers.
  • Secure research data storage with over 20 TB available for local server storage. The cost per terabyte of secure, redundant storage is $60/year. 
  • Secure data transfer with encryption and all data going in and out of the DARC environment monitored.
  • Infrastructure within multiple secure data centers in MedIT, UPS battery backup and chilled water-cooling systems. 
  • SAS Viya 3.5 which is an AI, analytic and data management platform
    • Includes capabilities in statistical, visual analytics, predictive modeling, machine learning and much more
    • Faster processing for huge amounts of data
    • Standardized code base for programming in SAS and other languages (e.g. Python and R)
    • Provides a secure, scalable multi-user environment for concurrent data access
  • Other research software available includes: R/Rstudio, STATA, Python and FACTS
  • Machine learning platforms include TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe and CUDA, that are provided in the Lambda Labs GPU server.

DARC is supported by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry along with funding from the Alberta Health Services Chair in Health Informatics Research held by Dr. Lawrence Richer.

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