Student Permits

Student parking permits are in high demand, especially in the fall and winter. Parking permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. No student is guaranteed a space, regardless of circumstance.   


Use our secure Parking Portal to purchase your parking permit online.

Purchasing Requirements

Students must present their ONEcard (or UAlberta acceptance letter), vehicle registration and driver’s licence when picking up their parking permit from Parking Services. Resident students must also show proof of tenancy. Third-party permit sales are not allowed.


Student Wait Lists

Student parking wait lists are active during the fall and winter terms, and expire on March 31 each year. You can access student wait lists online through our Parking Portal. To join a wait list, log in to the portal, select your desired lot from the drop-down menu and prioritize your preferences.


Commuter Students

Commuter students have different parking needs than faculty or staff. Purchase parking only for the length of time you will be studying on campus—choose an eight-month term for fall and winter classes, or a four-month term for spring and summer classes.


Fall and Winter Term (September to April)

Parking space during the fall and winter term is in high demand. Parking permits may not be available for every student who would like to park on campus.


To secure a parking permit for the fall and winter term, students must pay for the entire period of time they request (a monthly payment plan is available). Fall and winter term permits are not automatically renewed; they are only valid for the length of time purchased. 


We encourage students to arrange their parking for the entire academic year during their initial purchase rather than take a chance on availability month-to-month.

Spring and Summer Term (May to August)

Parking permits are available for students who would like to park on campus during the spring and summer term. Students must pay for the entire time period they request; the minimum time period available is one calendar month. 


Resident Students

Parking for residents is limited and is sold online. Visit the following link to access our Online Services.