The Centre for Particle Physics at the University of Alberta aims to unlock the mysteries of the world of particle physics. The centre has a strong theory group and experimental groups working on high energy physics experiments and astroparticle physics.

Centre for Particle Physics

Professor Aksel Hallin and machinist Antonio Vinagreiro with the DEAP neutrino detection vessel at the University of Alberta.

We offer projects in experimental particle, astroparticle physics and theoretical particle physics. At the moment we have 9 postdocs, 13 PhD students and 3 MSc students.

Our experimental groups are led by nine faculty members and are part of the international IceCube, PINGU, ATLAS, SNO+, DEAP, PICO and MoEDAL collaborations. We work on dark matter searches, neutrino physics, Higgs and black hole physics as well as searches for magnetic monopoles. 

Our theorists work on precision models for the next generation of experiments searching for new physics.

Please contact our faculty members to find out details about or work and potential projects students could be involved in. We hire a large number of undergraduate researchers every summer and are accepting new graduate students every year, preferentially students with scholarships. For contact information and more details on the experiments please check our list of possible PhD projects.

 The Centre for Particle Physics has extensive labs and resources. We are also hosting the CPP+ major resource support centre, a resource of national significance.