Theoretical Physics Institute

2017 Hiroomi Umezawa Lecture:  

Patrick H. Diamond

Patrick H. Diamond
University of California,
San Diego
Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 3:15 pm
CCIS L1-160


Pattern formation in magnetically confined plasmas: why it matters

This colloquium will discuss the physics of turbulent transport in magnetic confinement devices, such as tokamaks, with special emphasis on scale selection and its consequences. Using analogies with turbulent pipe flow and geophysical fluids, the basic physics of magnetized plasma turbulent transport is developed. Then, the two principle secondary patterns-avalanches and zonal shear flows-are introduced. Scale selection is linked to the natural competition between these two structures. We present the ExB staircase as the natural resolution to the competition, and discuss recent work on the bstaircase and layering dynamics. Throughout , we discuss the implications of the physics for achieving ignition in a magnetically confined plasma.

This talk is the 2017 Hiroomi Umezawa Memorial Lecture.

(Coffee and doughnuts at 3:00 pm)

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