VP Transitions and Reviews

The president is responsible for establishing the Vice-Presidential Advisory Search Committee and the Vice-Presidential Advisory Review Committee to provide recommendations on the appointment and reappointment of vice-presidents.

VP Transitions

VP Reviews

The Vice-Presidential Advisory Review Committee is established to provide recommendations to the president on the reappointment of vice-presidents.

The Provost and Vice-President (Academic) review is currently underway. Steven Dew, our Provost and Vice-President (Academic), has indicated a willingness to renew his appointment. 

The position description for the Provost can be found here.

The Advisory Review Committee composition has been established, as directed by UAPPOL Review Procedure for Vice-Presidents.

Composition of the 2020 Advisory Review Committee for Provost and Vice-President:

President as Chair of the Committee  David H. Turpin
Board of Governors – two members appointed by the Board  Guy Bridgeman
(Robert) Ryan Thompson
Three faculty members from Categories A1.1, A1.6, or their counterparts in A1.5 and A1.7(that is, only faculty members employed at the University under the terms and conditions of the Faculty Agreement are eligible),who do not hold administrative positions as defined in Section 7, elected by the faculty and the appointed academic staff representatives on GFC. James Dempsey, Native Studies
Jonathan White, Medicine and Dentistry
Sheena Wilson, Campus Saint-Jean
Deans’ Council – one elected member Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell, Science
Chairs’ Council – one elected member  Jerine Pegg, Elementary Education
Association of Academic Staff (AAS:UA) – one appointed member by the AAS:UA Kevin Kane, President, AAS:UA
Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) – one appointed member by the NASA Jillian Pratt, Treasurer, NASA
Students’ Union (SU) – two appointed members by the Students’ Council  Joel Agarwal
Akanksha Bhatnagar
Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) – one appointed member by the GSA  Fahed Elian



Secretary to the Committee

Catherine Swindlehurst, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Bill Flanagan, President-Elect

Bobbi Schiestel, Director, Office of the President