VP Transitions and Reviews

The president is responsible for establishing the Vice-Presidential Advisory Search Committee and the Vice-Presidential Advisory Review Committee to provide recommendations on the appointment and reappointment of vice-presidents.

VP Transitions

  • The University Relations and Advancement portfolios will be merged into one office of External Relations under the leadership of one Vice-President. In the meantime, Kelly Spencer is Interim Vice-President (Advancement) and Catherine Swindlehurst is Interim Vice-President (University Relations).
  • The Research and Innovation portfolio is currently in transition. Walter Dixon is Interim Vice-President (Research and Innovation).

VP Reviews

The Vice-Presidential Advisory Review Committee is established to provide recommendations to the president on the reappointment of vice-presidents.

  • Andrew Sharman, our Vice-President (Facilities and Operations), has indicated a willingness to renew his appointment. We will be hosting a review for the VP (Facilities and Operations) on November 6. Under UAPPOL policy the Advisory Review Committee for the Vice-President (Facilities and Operations) is seeking your insight and opinions. Your time in completing this short survey is greatly appreciated. The deadline for responses is Monday, November 2 at 4 pm.

Vice-President (External Relations) Search

Composition of the Advisory Search Committee for Vice-President (External Relations)
The Advisory Review Committee composition is directed by UAPPOL Review Procedure for Vice-Presidents.

President as Chair of the Committee Bill Flanagan
Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Steven Dew
Board of Governors – one member appointed by the Board Paul Whittaker
Senate – one member appointed by the Senate Peggy Garritty, Chancellor
President of the Alumni Association Heather Raymond
One member from Categories A1.1, A1.6 or their counterparts in A1.5 and 1.7, none
of whom hold administrative positions as defined in Section 7, elected by the faculty
and academic staff representatives on GFC.
Cynthia Strawson, Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental
Deans’ Council – two elected members Stanford Blade, Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences

Shanthi Johnson, School of Public Health
Association of Academic Staff (AAS:UA) – one appointed member by the AASUA Ricardo Acuna, President, AASUA
Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) – one appointed member by the NASA Elizabeth Johannson, President, NASA
Students’ Union (SU) – one appointed member by the Students’ Council Rowan Ley, Vice-President (External), Students’ Union
Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) – one appointed member by the GSA Anas Fassih, Vice-President (External), Graduate Students’ Association
Secretary to the Committee Bobbi Schiestel, Director, Office of the President