Developmental Science

Developmental Applications, Policy, and Practice
Expertise in (a) Children and technology, (b) School-based prevention programming, (c) Community-based research involving children, youth, and families, and (d) Linking developmental research, policy, and practice. Contributing faculty include Drs. Bisanz, Hoglund, and Varnhagen.

Jeff Bisanz
Roger Dixon
Nancy Galambos
Wendy Hoglund
Sheree Kwong-See
Elena Nicoladis
Sandra Wiebe
Yao Zheng

Post-doctoral Fellows
G. Peggy McFall

Graduate Students
Linzy Bohn
Shannon Drouin
Jonah Elke
Vrushali Rao Gumnur
Larissa Predy
Elyse Runac
Anahita Shokrkon
Sherilyn Thibeau
Daphne Vrantsidis
Brenna Zatto
Farzaneh Anjomshoae
Alexandra Besoi Setzer
Jingyi Zhang

Cognitive Aging
Studies of (a) Normal and successful aging, (b) Neuropsychology of impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, (c) Language and aging, and (d) Stereotypes and knowledge of aging and dementia. Contributing faculty include Drs. Dixon, Dolcos (PDF), and Kwong See.
Cognitive Development: Childhood and Adolescence
Studies of (a) Language, gesture and bilingualism, (b) Self-regulation in infancy and childhood, and (c) Mathematical cognition and spelling skills. Contributing faculty include Drs. Bisanz, Laurent (PDF), Nicoladis, Varnhagen, and Wiebe.
Developmental Neuroscience and Neurogenetics
Studies of developing brain-gene-environment-cognition relationships in (a) Infants and children, (b) Healthy older adults, and (c) Special populations throughout the lifespan. Contributing faculty include Drs. Dixon, Dolcos (PDF), Nicoladis, A. Singhal, and Wiebe.
Developmental Methods
Expertise in (a) Longitudinal and other intraindividual designs, (b) Analyses of change, trajectories, and variability data, (c) Lifespan theory-method interactions, (d) Developmental epidemiology, and (e) Community-based research. Contributing faculty include Drs. Bisanz, J. Caplan, Dixon, Galambos, Hoglund, and Wiebe.
Social Development
Studies of (a) Adolescence and the transition to adulthood, (b) Peer and family relations, (c) Internalizing and externalizing problems, (d) Influence of sociocultural conditions (e.g., economic disadvantage, racial/ethnic diversity), (e) Social-cognitive processes, and (f) Language socialization. Contributing faculty include Drs. Galambos, Hoglund, and Nicoladis.