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Faith Davis, PhD (Chronic Disease Epidemiology), MPH (Occupational and Environmental Health), MSc (Cancer Epidemiology), MPH (Public Administration)

Professor Emerita

Public Health, School of

About Me


PhD (Chronic Disease Epidemiology), Yale University, 1984
MPH (Occupational and Environmental Health), Harvard University, 1980
MSc (Cancer Epidemiology), Harvard University, 1978
MPH (Public Administration), Harvard University, 1977
BSc (Household Economics), University of Alberta, 1970


I am interested in understanding factors that influence the occurrence and survival of cancer. My work focuses on rare cancers (including brain tumors and ovarian cancers) and environmental exposures, including ionizing radiation. This includes characterizing radiogenic cancer risks associated with low dose and low dose rate environmental exposures.

My work with brain tumours currently is creating an infrastructure to support brain tumour surveillance and research in Canada.

My work with ovarian cancers includes understanding why, given that survival rates for ovarian cancer have improved with new therapies, survival differences by demographic groups persist within stages of disease.

In addition, I am interested in surveillance-accurate patterns and exposure assessment to better evaluate known animal neurocarcinogens in the environment while developing collaborations to allow for testing environmental hypotheses related to brain tumors in humans.

These questions involve descriptive, case-control and cohort study approaches. The radiogenic risk estimates impact regulatory levels set for workers and population exposures. The brain tumor work has harmonized the regulations for surveillance data that are meaningful to the neurooncology and cancer registry community and the ovarian cancer work may impact health-care policy as it applies to this patient population.


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