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Katerina Maximova, PhD

Associate Professor

Public Health, School of

About Me

I received training in epidemiology at McGill University, specializing in primary prevention of chronic disease through research on improving key modifiable behaviours (physical activity, healthy eating, smoking, obesity). My research interests include etiologic associations of lifestyle behaviours with chronic disease risk; misperception of risk; novel markers for chronic disease; public health systems capacity for chronic disease prevention; implementation of prevention policies to improve lifestyle behaviours and reduce chronic disease risk; social dimensions of health; and health outcomes in immigrant and refugee populations.

Supported by a Career Development Award in Prevention Research from the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, I engage in research to monitor Canada’s public health systems capacity for chronic disease prevention, and aim to establish the link with implementation of effective policy solutions to support healthy behaviour changes. 

I lead a study to investigate the impact of following a healthy diet on cancer incidence in a cohort of adults in the Alberta’s Tomorrow Project, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).


I participate in evaluation research to establish the cost-effectiveness and return on investments (ROI) of school-based interventions that promote healthy eating and active living among children, funded by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS).


I co-lead an investigation of the impact of benchmarking food environments on policies and actions to promote healthy eating for reducing overweight and obesity among children, funded by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS).


I am also involved in a team project that aims to improve weight management for severely obese children, funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).



PhD (epidemiology), McGill University, 2010
MA (demography), University of Alberta, 2002
BA (Honours sociology), Gold Medal, Queen's University, 2000


Career Development Award in Prevention Research, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Strategic Training Fellowship in Transdisciplinary Public and Population Health Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Max Bell Foundation Fellowship, McGill University

Media coverage

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The Globe & Mail, September 2012. Carly Weeks. “How fat has become the new normal.”


New York Times, April 2012. Tara Parker-Pope. "Are most people in denial about their weight?"


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Citation: S. Gupta. Time 2008 Oct; 172(16):74. 


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