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Yan Yuan, PhD (Statistics), MMath (Biostatistics), MSc (Animal Science), BSc (Biochemistry)

Associate Professor

Public Health, School of

About Me

My research interest is to develop and apply biostatistical methods in public health and biomedical research. Methodologically, my current interests include statistical prediction, classification and developing appropriate measures for these problems.

My current research focuses on five topics: 1) risk prediction of early menopause in childhood cancer survivors; 2) modeling individual gestational weight gain and fat accretion trajectories, and postpartum weight/fat retention; 3) developing performance measures for screening tools where prediction accuracy is assessed in a low prevalence setting; 4) rare cancer epidemiology and survivorship in Canada; 5) health services research in breast cancer screening and diagnostic care. I team up with statisticians, cancer epidemiologists, oncologists, and nutrition experts to advance our knowledge on these topics. I also work with public health researchers and professionals, and community partners to solve problems in their field.


PhD (Statistics), University of Waterloo, 2008
MMath (Biostatistics), University of Waterloo, 2003
MSc (Animal Science), Michigan State University, 1999
BSc (Biochemistry), Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, 1996


40 under 40 young scientists, nominated by IAP - The Global Network of Science Academies, 2012
Canada Graduate Scholarship, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, 2004-2007


biostatistical methods
statistical prediction
cancer epidemiology
health services research
functional data analysis