Off-Campus Activity & Travel

The University of Alberta strongly supports off-campus activity and travel as a means of broadening experience, expanding and sharing knowledge, and encouraging innovation and collaboration. Off-campus activities and travel can incur some level of risk, which should be mitigated through planning and preparation. The university's policy regarding off-campus activity & travel was designed to support travel that is safe, productive, and enjoyable.


University policy says that you, your department, and the University of Alberta share the responsibility for managing any risks associated with your off-campus activity.

Please note: If you are part of a Registered Student Group, you can go directly to BearsDen.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Organizer / Leader of the Activity or Travel

    As an organizer or leader of an off-campus activity or trip, it is critical that you identify and manage the risks associated with travel.

    If faculty, postdoctoral fellows, or staff are planning or leading off-campus activity or travel that involves students, the requirements outlined in the Off-Campus Activity & Travel Planning Tool and in the Risk Assessment for Off-Campus Travel Involving Students Procedure apply.

    You are responsible for completion of the following tasks:

    1. Review the Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy.
    2. Complete the Off-Campus Activity & Travel Planning Tool.
    3. Complete a Field Activity Plan (for researchers).


    Please note that you must be logged in to your University of Alberta Gmail account to access the Off-Campus Activity & Travel Planning Tool, as it is a Google form. If you have problems with the online form, please contact

  • Supervisor or Approver

    Faculties, departments, units and individual travelers share responsibility with the University to assess and manage the risk of off-campus activities and travel, particularly when students are involved.

    The appropriate Dean, Chair or Vice-President may recommend that faculty, postdoctoral fellow and staff travelers cancel any off-campus activity or travel if it is believed the risks are unacceptable or unwarranted and cannot be reasonably managed.

    As the supervisor or approver, you are responsible for the following tasks:

    1. Review the Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy.
    2. Review and sign-off on the proposed off-campus activity & travel plan, which will be submitted by the activity organizer (you will receive a copy by email).
    3. Sign off on the field activity plan and keep on file with your department (if applicable).

    As the identified supervisor, you will receive a pdf copy of the planner’s submission, including the risk assessment and risk mitigation actions checklist. You should be aware of the plan and assist with risk mitigation, where needed.  

  • University of Alberta

    The health, safety, and security of participants is the University of Alberta's highest priority when it comes to off-campus activities and travel. The University of Alberta has an Off-Campus Incident Response Team that can be activated to assess the implications of significant incidents, provide advice on how to handle the situation, and make recommendations for either managing the increased risks or assisting travelers in removing themselves from the situation.


    Should individuals choose to return early for personal reasons, the University is not responsible for arranging return travel or any of the associated costs. Travellers should be cautious when undertaking any activity but especially those outside of their academic pursuits and in their personal time.


    For more information about the University of Alberta's role, please review the Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy.