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Kevin Devito



Biological Sciences


Dr. Devito is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE.

Research Background

Landscape eco-hydrology, forest and wetland hydrology and biogeochemistry, ground-surface water interactions, land use and climate impacts, hydrogeology frameworks, influence of climate and geology on the susceptibility of boreal ecosystems to disturbance, watershed management.

The long-term objective of my research is to increase our understanding and model the interaction of climate, geology and landscape position on boreal forest- wetland-aquatic ecosystem and predict their susceptibility to land use changes. This research has provided a fundamental understanding of how water, and chemistry of interest, moves through the surrounding boreal environment, how land use activities may intersect or impact water movements, and how boreal ecosystems recover from land use or reclamation activities.

Current Research Interests

My current research focuses on the Utikuma Region Study Area (URSA), located on the Boreal Plain, Alberta. At URSA, my students and I have collaborated in a number of long term (>10 years) studies investigating trends in regional climate and hydrogeology in conjunction with local scale eco-hydrologic studies of forest-wetland-aquatic systems located on a variety of landforms and landscape positions representative of the Boreal Plain. These systems also serve as natural analogues for designing, and benchmarks for evaluating, reclamation strategies on oil sands mining leases. My Students, collaborators and I are also involved in parallel and complimentary studies looking at the influence of landform configuration on the development of wetland and forest ecosystems in constructed watersheds in the Oil Sands near Fort McMurray. I am participating in 4 related research areas:

1)  Impact of large-scale disturbance (wildfire, forest harvest) on landscape hydrologic connectivity and boreal ecosystem processes.

2)   Distribution and processes maintaining perched / isolated peatland wetlands in sub-humid Boreal Landscapes.

3)    Classifying the role of riparian transitions in different landscapes of the Western Boreal Forest.

4)    Effective design criteria to sustain forest and wetland ecosystems on constructed watersheds, Oil Sands, Fort McMurray.

Publications from Dr. Devito's Research Group

*Names in bold are students or staff


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Review of Labs Research:

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Selected Publications:


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