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Sandeep Agrawal, PhD, MCIP, RPP, AICP

Professor and Director; Associate Chair, Urban & Regional Planning Program


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

About Me

I'm an urban and regional planner whose research interests include land use planning and design, international planning, multiculturalism and human rights and planning policy. 


My research works have focused on ethnic communities and the effects of immigration, religion and cultures on urban structures and public policies. My most recent works are on urban/suburban growth in Alberta, human rights and zoning, high density rural regions of India, effects of tall buildings in Colombo, Sri Lanka and affordable housing in the United Arab Emirates. I recently edited two special issues of Plan Canada on "Planning around the edges" and "Human rights and the city". My co-authored book "Understanding India's new approach to Spatial Development and Planning" published by Oxford University Press is available in the market. Currently, I am pursuing three projects: 1. Alberta Land Institute-funded project on annexations in Alberta; 2. SSHRC-funded project "Human Rights and the City"; and 3. Canada First Research Excellence Fund-sponsored project "Municipalities and Future Energy Systems".


land use planning, research proposal development, planning studios, urban design