Bachelor of Science (BSc) General - Business Minor

A Science degree with a business background

A minor in Business is an option in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) General. This minor is a valuable opportunity if you are interested in pursuing a career in science based business.

To be eligible, you must complete a minimum one year of university course work, then formally apply for admission to the program.


To apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science (BSc) General - Business Minor program you must present the following.

Please be advised, the averages listed are the minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission. You must present the competitive average for the year which you are applying.
  • An AGPA of at least 2.3
  • An average of at least 2.3 on the following completed course requirements:
  • *6 junior ENGL or *3 junior ENGL/*3 junior WRS
  • ECON 101 and ECON 102
  • MATH 114 or MATH 117
  • *3 from Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics, Computing Science, or Statistics)
  • *6 from Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics or Science Psychology

Admission to the Business minor is competitive and is administered by the Faculty of Science. Preference is given to students who apply and have met the competitive requirements. More details can be found in here in the Calendar.