Apply to InSciTE

Once you apply for admission to the Faculty of Science, you will receive a UAlberta CCID. You will need this to complete the InSciTE application form.

InSciTE is intended for first year students admitted to an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Science.

No minimum grade requirement. If you are eligible for admission to the Faculty of Science, and have successfully completed or are in progress of completing the above pre-requisites, you are eligible.

Students must have successfully completed Mathematics 30-1, Chemistry 30, and either Biology 30 or Physics 30 (or their equivalents).

*Students that have already taken courses at the secondary level and transfer students are not eligible for InSciTE.

Initial application review will take place in March. Applications are on a first come, first serve basis. Applications received after May 1st will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as space permits.

Applicants will be contacted on their acceptance to InSciTE.

High school applicants who receive transfer credit for work completed through IBAP or GCE may still participate in InSciTE.

Credit for Physics or Biology

If you have received transfer credit for BIOL 107/108 or PHYS 144 or equivalent, you will be permitted to keep your transfer credit. You can then skip this component of InSciTE but still take the associated MATH, CHEM and SCI courses.

Credit for Mathematics

Students who receive credit for MATH 114 must contact the InSciTE Academic Coordinator for assistance. Whether or not these students will be allowed to keep their transfer credit will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Credit for Chemistry

InSciTE includes a specially designed, integrated section of CHEM 101, that is a required component of the experience.  For this reason, students interested in InSciTE who have received transfer credit for CHEM 101 or equivalent must decline the transfer credit in order to participate.

Credit for Other Courses
Students who receive transfer credit for other courses such as ENGL, PSYCO, CMPUT, etc. will be permitted to keep the credit.