Credit after InSciTE

Preparation for second year classes

InSciTE covers fundamental curriculum necessary for you to transition into 2nd year courses in any of the science disciplines, as long as you choose your options wisely.  Students should consult with an academic advisor each year of their program to ensure that they remain on track for the program in which they are registered.

BIOL 107/108, CHEM 101, PHYS 144 and MATH 134 or MATH 144 will be recognized directly for any courses or programs for which they are required.  SCI 151 (*6) is recognized as a prerequisite for any course or program that requires STAT 151 (*3).  The remaining *3 can be used as a science option.

Professional programs

InSciTE courses satisfy the requirements of any professional program at the University of Alberta, which require the previously listed courses.  Like other Faculty of Science programs, the InSciTE experience also provides pre-professional students with the translational, career-oriented skills that are highly valued by these programs.