How InSciTE Works 

InSciTE is not a science degree program, but a unique interdisciplinary first year experience. Courses work with all of our Science programs. You remain registered in your selected program during the InSciTE experience and move smoothly into year 2 of your program.

*The only exception is the BSc/BEd program, as this is a very regimented 5 year combined program that will not work with InSciTE. 

You will attend regular first year classes, but will take specific course sections for InSciTE; CHEM 101 and SCI 151. You will still have access to all of the introductory science courses, specialized labs and excellent professors offered by the Faculty of Science.

Courses will help students discover interdisciplinary ties between science disciplines and the scientific process through field excursions,special topics and group work.

*Successful completion of SCI 151 will provide the prerequisite equivalent of STAT 151.

  • Weekend trip to Jasper, AB
  • Forensic analysis unit (finger print, bite marks, blood splatter, ink analyses)
  • Interview a Faculty of Science researcher
  • Discovery-based labs (examine Edmonton's water quality, make hand warmers...)
  • 3D print project (Last year, students made a Rube Goldberg machine)
  • Capstone project; execute your own research experiment

Life Sciences
For students with a stronger interest in Biology. You will register in Biology and a Calculus for the Life Sciences.
(BIOL 107/108 and MATH 134)

Physical Sciences
For students with a stronger interest in Physics. You will register in Physics and a Calculus for the Physical Sciences.
(PHYS 144/146 and MATH 144)

Life Science Physical Science 
SCI 151 SCI 151
BIOL 107 or 108     PHYS 144
MATH 134 MATH 144 
CHEM 101 CHEM 101
*3 elective  *3 elective 
SCI 151 and *12 electives

*Electives should meet your program requirements or personal learning goals. 

IB/AP/GCE Credit - Please view the Apply page for more details or consult with the InSciTE Academic Coordinator.

SCI 151 - Completion of SCI 151 (*6) is recognized as a prerequisite for any course/program that requires STAT 151 (*3). The remaining *3 can be used as a science option in your degree program.

Professional programs - InSciTE courses satisfy professional program requirements at the University of Alberta. Like other Faculty of Science programs, InSciTE provides students with translational skills that are highly valued by these programs.