What makes InSciTE different?

InSciTE offers the best of both traditional university learning with other first-year students, as well as small-cohort learning that emphasizes group work, active learning and discovery. 

You will still have access to all of the introductory science courses, specialized labs and excellent professors offered by the Faculty of Science.

During our specially designed InSciTE course you will: 

  • learn by exploring within a guided-inquiry environment that will include field excursions
  • discover interdisciplinary ties between science disciplines
  • explore the scientific process through inquiry and analysis of authentic scientific data
  • engage in a series of scientific investigations and interdisciplinary projects both in groups and individually, with themes that are important to Albertans and translate to issues that are important on the global stage
  • develop translational, career-oriented skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork and project management

Not a degree program

InSciTE is not a science degree program. Instead, it is an interdisciplinary first year experience.  You can apply for admission to the Science degree of your choice, and then apply to InSciTE as a different way to complete your first year.  You will remain registered in your selected program during the InSciTE experience.  InSciTE courses will work with all of our Science degree programs, and you will be able to move smoothly into year 2 of your program.