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The Faculty of Science is here to help you and provides a variety of services and opportunities to enrich your experiences as an undergraduate student.

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Academic advisors are available to provide assistance throughout your university career.

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Resources such as forms, policies and procedures, information about appeals

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To attract the best and the brightest, the U of A offers over 12 million dollars in scholarships, awards and bursaries each year.

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First Year Questions

  • How do I change my Program?

    The deadline is March 1, 2017 to apply for, or transfer to, a new program for Fall 2017.
    If you want to  accept an offer of admission to a new program, you must transfer your registration in Bear Tracks using the  “change program”  function by the Add/Delete deadline of the Fall term.

  • How do I deny my AP / IB credit?
    You can decline your transfer credit by submitting the AP or IB Decline Transfer Credit Form to your home Faculty Student Services office.

  • How do I get a “Confirmation of Enrolment”?

    You can get a “Certificate of Enrollment” from the Office of the Registrar (Administration Building) or through your BearTracks account.

  • How do I get a Degree Assessment?

    If you are in a Specialization or Honors program, you must meet with your Department Advisor. You can find a list of Department Advisors on our website or in the Student Services Office.
    If you are in the BSc General program, you can submit a degree assessment request online through our Forms Cabinet or have a degree assessment done in an advising session with a Faculty of Science Academic Advisor. 

  • How do I get help with BearTracks?
    Bear Tracks assistance is available at Student Connect on the main floor of the Administration Building or by phone 780-492-7172.
  • How do I get into a course that is full (or restricted)?

    You must contact the department offering the course if you are not able to register online.
    You can search for department contact information through the U of A website.
    We also have a list of Science department contact information in the Student Services office.

  • How do I get to my classroom?

    Students can access a campus map through the U of A website.

  • How do I load money on my One Card?
    You can load money from an Automatic Deposit Machine at:
    • Cameron Library
    • Coutts Education Library
    • Rutherford Library
    • Scott Health Sciences Library
    • Students' Union Building
    • Weir Law Library
    • Winspear Business Library
    • Engineering Teaching Learning Complex (ETLC)
    • You can load money from Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Debit at:
    • OneCard office, 9104 HUB Mall (right next to A&W)

  • How do I meet with an Advisor?

    We offer advising by appointment Wednesday through Friday, or drop in advising on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:30-2:30. 

    You can book an appointment through our website
    Drop-in advising is offered between 8:30-3:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  • How to I declare or change my Major or Minor?
    You can declare or change your Major and Minor by submitting a ‘Statement of Major’ and Minor form online through our Forms Cabinet.
  • I am trying to register in courses but they are all full. What do I do?
    Course availability will continue to change over the summer months as students change their schedules. In some cases, departments may open additional sections to meet demand. You will want to add yourself to the Watch List (if available for the course) in Bear Tracks for any courses that you are interested in enrolling in. By adding yourself to the Watch List, Bear Tracks will email you once a space becomes available in that course. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all students will get every course they want as demand is very high. In some cases, you may need to choose another course, such as an Arts or Science option. Students have until the Add/Delete deadline in September to make changes to their Fall term schedule. 

  • I need to get into a course but it is restricted or needs department consent. What do I do?

    To register in a course that requires department consent, please contact the department offering that particular course. Contact information for each department within the Faculty of Science can be found online.

  • When do I buy my books?

    Books become available in the University of Alberta Bookstore near the end of August. You can find the list of required books for your courses online by entering your Student ID number. We suggest that if you purchase your books before classes begin, keep them wrapped until you have attended class and the professor has confirmed the book list; otherwise, if the book list changes, or you drop the course by the Delete deadline, it may be difficult to return or exchange your textbooks. The book list will be indicated on the course syllabus given out by the professor on the first day of class. You can investigate the availability of second-hand books, but be sure they are the right editions. Some professors provide a list of numerous editions that are acceptable for use in their class. Try not to wait too long to purchase your books because they may run out of copies and you will fall behind in your reading.

  • When do Labs & Seminars start?
    Most labs and seminars do not start until the second week of classes, but it may vary depending on the course. You should be told in your first lecture when the labs & seminars begin. Some courses list their lab start dates in the class notes on Bear Tracks.

  • Where do I get my books?
    Books (new and used) and booklists are available at the University Bookstore located in the Students’ Union Building (SUB).