Relocating the PLLC and Announcing New Interim Director

The Peter Lougheed Leadership College is moving to the new College of Social Sciences and Humanities, with Dr. Richard Field assuming academic leadership.


As you know, the University of Alberta community is undertaking a significant transformation in U of A for Tomorrow. As part of our academic and administrative restructuring efforts, the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) will be moving from its current administrative home in the Provost’s Office to the new College of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

The PLLC is already well aligned with the multidisciplinary vision of the college, and this move will provide new opportunities for us to build upon the PLLC’s strong work in leadership education and development at the U of A. The relocation has no immediate impact on the PLLC’s programs and activities—nor will our faculty, staff and students see any disruptions in courses and services. 

In April, I also shared that Dr. Lois Harder, PLLC principal and political sciences professor in the Faculty of Arts, has been appointed Dean of Social Sciences at the University of Victoria. It’s my pleasure to announce that Dr. Richard Field, professor in the Alberta School of Business’s Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Management, will take over academic leadership of the college as Interim Director effective July 1, 2021 for a one-year term. Richard has a lifelong interest in leadership, both personally and professionally, and is excited to join the PLLC. 

Both the leadership transition and the landscape of restructuring at the U of A give us an opportunity to re-envision PLLC’s activities in the context of our new college model. Richard will be leading a program review to help us position the PLLC for success as we move forward. 

Steven Dew 
Provost and Vice-President (Academic)