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Welcome to a New Iteration of The Quad

U of A's faculty & staff newsletter has a new look.

  • July 15, 2021
  • By Matthew McCreary

A refreshed version of The Quad newsletter hit U of A inboxes this week. The faculty and staff blog itself hasn’t changed—you can still expect U of A updates, news, information and stories in your inbox once per week (with reduced content during the summer months). What has changed is the look and feel of The Quad as part of a larger brand initiative that began rolling out at the U of A this month. Take a minute to learn more about it below. 

What is The Quad?

A quick refresher: The Quad is the University of Alberta’s official faculty and staff blog. It’s a digital space where the U of A community can find and contribute to a collection of stories and information.

Like the many quads scattered across our campuses, The Quad is a space for everyone. While the stories reflect the work of our faculty and staff, this is also a space for key institutional information and updates to keep our community informed.

What You’ll Find Here 

While the look of The Quad newsletter has changed, we remain focused on the content that matters most to our campus community. Each week you can expect to find: 

  • U of A news, information, and institutional updates 
  • Stories on what’s happening in the U of A community 
  • Thought and opinion pieces 
  • Articles of interest to U of A faculty & staff 
  • Features on the people of the U of A, like those in the Have You Met and Innovator Spotlight series

The Quad will also continue to share updates on U of A for Tomorrow, the university response to COVID-19, and Fall 2021 planning. 

Why the Change? 

You may have noticed the revamped U of A website that launched in early July. The changeover marked the launch of a new brand platform at the U of A, with a new look that embodies our brand promise to lead and work together with purpose. In the coming months, you’ll start to see more of our new brand and story, and hear more about how we are reimagining the university of tomorrow. 

The refreshed Quad newsletter fits within this larger U of A brand initiative, and will help to keep faculty and staff informed as the brand rolls out. 

Reach Out 

If you have feedback on the refreshed newsletter or want to share a story idea with us, send us an email at blog@ualberta.ca

As always: thanks for reading The Quad.