From the President's Desk: Growing our student and faculty community

The Targeted Enrolment Growth initiative will expand enrolment at the U of A by over 2,000 students, bringing us closer to our goal of 50,000 by 2026.

Bill Flanagan, University of Alberta President and Vice-chancellor, speaks at a conference

The University of Alberta has long played a vital role in providing opportunity to the people of Alberta. With a growing young population in Alberta, I have advocated for enrolment growth to respond to the U of A’s rapidly increasing application numbers. As we grow, we can offer even more opportunities to young Albertans, providing them with the critical skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in tomorrow's economy and society.

Today, I am delighted to share that the Government of Alberta has announced $48.3 million in new funding for the U of A to support enrolment growth in five undergraduate and graduate programs in the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Business and Nursing over the next three years. This new funding will take us from 42,000 students today to over 44,000, well on our way to our goal of welcoming 50,000 students by 2026.

This represents a significant step forward for our province’s economic future–as well as an investment in the potential of Alberta’s young people and the growth of the province’s vital post-secondary institutions.

Investing in our Future

Through the Targeted Enrolment Expansion program — a key part of the Alberta at Work Initiative — the Government of Alberta funding will enable us to increase our enrolment by more than 2,000 students over the next three years. Adding capacity to these high-demand, globally recognized programs will help address Alberta’s labour market shortages and foster economic growth. Expanding enrolment will also ensure Alberta’s talented high school graduates have the opportunity to further their education right here at home at one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities.

Faculty Renewal

To ensure an outstanding student experience, this new funding will be directed to hiring an estimated 80 new faculty members over the next three years, along with additional administrative staff. This faculty renewal will also enhance our research strength, delivering research outputs with an even greater impact in Alberta and beyond.

The expansion of the Alberta at Work initiative comes at a critical time in the University of Alberta for Tomorrow strategic transformation. Our admission applications are up 25 per cent over the past six years and are projected to grow by an additional 20 per cent in the next six years. With this new funding, more talented students will benefit from the U of A's highly sought-after learning experiences as we continue to advance our core mission of teaching, research and community engagement.

Bill Flanagan
President and Vice-chancellor