Community Connections Awards


Our ability to contribute to society flows in large measure from our ability to connect with our communities. That’s why the University of Alberta’s Community Connections Awards honour those individuals and groups who have embodied the U of A’s promise to “uplift the whole people” by sharing their expertise, time, and energy for the benefit of the public good. Three awards are presented annually to those who support, study and work at the University of Alberta.

2019 Honourees

This year Megan Strickfaden, Lisa Prins, and the Edmonton Talent Outreach and Work Experience Programs are being honoured for their exceptional service to the University of Alberta through their community involvement. Each will be recognized on May 13, 2019 at the Community Connections Awards ceremony.

Megan Strickfaden, Community Scholar

Megan Strickfaden, Community Scholar

Recognizes U of A tenure track faculty, sessional instructors, and/or lecturers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to community research and scholarship by sharing and translating their area of expertise for the betterment of the community.

Lisa Prins, Community Leader

Lisa Prins, Community Leader

Recognizes U of A employees, post-doctoral fellows, and/or students who have embraced opportunities to build, enhance, and sustain engagement with the broader community.

UAlberta Advocate Award: Recruitment Outreach & Work Experiences Team – City of Edmonton

Edmonton Talent Outreach and Work Experience Programs, UAlberta Advocate

Recognizes a member or team from the broader community who has contributed to the betterment of the U of A experience. Though not U of A employees or students, their efforts have enhanced the U of A’s reputation and raised its profile with neighbouring communities near and far.