Global Perspectives (EXT 300)

Are you thinking about what your experience abroad will be like? Living in a new country, where you may not speak the language can be challenging, but also exciting!

Learn how to navigate all these changes by taking the Education Abroad: Global Perspectives (EXT 300) course. This isn't your typical university course. It's a 3-credit course that you can complete at your own pace during your education abroad experience. It'll help give you the tools to successfully live, study, and work globally.

If you are in the Certificate in International Learning program, EXT 300 can be taken to fulfill the intercultural communication training. 

Course objectives

By the end of this course, you should will:

  • understand and adapt to new cultures
  • know business etiquette of your host country
  • value the diverse ways in which different cultures live 
  • better understand your own cultural norms and perspectives 

“I've taken few classes at university that have truly opened my eyes and forced me to look critically at myself, my culture, my biases, and the way I interact with culturally-different others. The module content and readings were incredibly interesting, and I've found myself applying what I learned from this course in almost every one of my classes this semester. The lessons in EXT 300 are ones I think every university student should learn, regardless of whether they plan on pursing an "international" career or not.” 

-Kate McInness, EXT 300 Summer 2016 student


The Fall 2016 course runs September 1 - December 7, 2016. 

 The Winter 2017 course runs January 9 - April 12, 2017.


Students participating in an education abroad program are eligible to take the course.


The course fee for both domestic and international students is $850.

EXT 300 will be applied as a *3 non-Arts/Science option in Faculty of Arts undergraduate programs provided the course is taken and completed during a term in which students participate in an official University of Alberta education abroad experience. If this condition is not met, it is students' responsibility to obtain their home Department/Faculty confirmation that this course will be accepted as an elective for their program. The approval has to be obtained prior to registration and is to be in writing. Due to internet availability issues, students registered in the Faculty of Arts Cortona program cannot complete and receive credit for EXT 300.