Discover e3


Why choose 1 when you can have all 3?

The University of Alberta’s e3 is a unique education abroad experience offering students the flexibility to choose from three experiences, all in one location:

  • language study
  • international internship
  • academic coursework

e3 programs fuse academics with international study and work experience. Field trips, excursions and guest speakers will allow students to learn beyond the classroom. All e3 courses, including language classes, allow students to earn academic credit from the University of Alberta*

Whether you're in Berlin, Curitiba, Washington D.C or in Grenoble, you'll get to pair theory with practice, the local with the international, as you work, study or learn a new language!

Earn University of Alberta Credit

All e3 courses, including language classes, allow students to earn academic credit from the University of Alberta, which can be applied directly to their degree at UAlberta, or used as transfer credit at their home institution.


e3 summer programs are open to post-secondary students from all disciplines

You must:
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.3or higher as required by your home Faculty
  • have successfully completed at least 24-credits at UAlberta as required by your home Faculty by the application deadline
  • INTERNSHIPS - students seeking internship placements must have completed 30 credits2 by the application deadline
  • meet admission requirements to the relevant Faculty at UAlberta
  • have a valid passport and be eligible to study and work in the destination country

1 equivalencies will be considered for students applying from outside UAlberta
2 or the equivalent of full-time first year studies at your local institution

*Students from outside of UAlberta should speak with their home faculty/institution about credit transfer and funding opportunities

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is known for both it's political institutions as well as it's dynamic and innovative culture.

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Grenoble, France

Located in the slopes of the French Alps and within easy distance of Geneva, Milan and the French Riviera, Grenoble contrasts mountain summits with a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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Curitiba, Brazil

Known for innovative urban planning, Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná.

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Washington, D.C., USA

Spend the summer in Washington, DC, delving into the history, architecture, and governing bodies of America– its institutions, politics, and global influence.

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