The Department of Accounting and Business Analytics

The Department of Accounting and Business Analytics is one of four departments in the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

In accounting, we offer undergraduate courses that form the basis for an accounting major, with many graduates who pursue careers in professional accounting. We also offer a strong PhD program in accounting.

In business analytics, we offer core and elective undergraduate courses in business statistics, operations, management, and management information systems, which form the basis for majors in business technology management and operations management. At the master's level, we offer MBA courses that support a concentration in business analytics. At the PhD level, we offer a specialization in operations and information systems.


Department Announcements 

Message from Karim Jamal, Department Chair of Accounting and Business Analytics

The MIS name has now been changed to BTM (Business Technology Management). BTM better expresses the substance of our major and also aligns with an IT industry initiative that will build brand recognition for our degree across Canada. In September 2021, all course prefixes will officially change from the familiar MIS to BTM.  Course numbers will remain the same (i.e., MIS 311 will become BTM 311).  See you in September!

NEW Course: OM 488 - Data Visualization

When: Winter 2022, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 AM – 12:20 PM
Instructor: Armann Ingolfsson
Description: Visual displays of quantitative information include charts, tables, maps, dashboards, animations, and more.  Such displays can be used to understand, to inform, and to convince.  This course will focus on strategies for carefully and clearly communicating analytical findings to the people who need to take action based on them.  We will learn to use both basic tools (MS Excel) and advanced tools (Tableau) to create visual displays. Evaluation components will include assignments, presentations, and exams (midterm and final exam).
Pre-requisites: MGTSC 312 and OM 352.