After You Apply

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Check Your Status

Hurray! You’ve submitted an application to the U of A. You will now be assigned a U of A email address, a student ID, a Campus Computing ID (CCID) and access to Launchpad. Please note: It may take up to 48 hours after submitting and paying for your application to receive your student number and CCID.

Student ID

Your U of A student ID can be found on the top-left corner of your Launchpad status page, above your program choices. This is different from your application number, which can be found on the right-hand side of your Launchpad status page.


You will use Launchpad to upload documents, check your application status, review checklist items and more. You can log in to your Launchpad account using the email address you used to create your account and submit your application.

Campus Computing Identification (CCID)

Your CCID will grant you access to your U of A email account and to Bear Tracks.

Bear Tracks

Access Bear Tracks, our online student service system, by logging in with your student ID and CCID. This is where you can apply for residence, scholarships and awards.

You will be notified via U of A email any time there is an update to your admission status, and we will primarily use this email to correspond with you, so be sure to regularly check your inbox!

Evaluation Process for High School Applicants

Admissions Decision Timeline

Most Canadian high school applications will be assessed within one to two weeks, assuming you have submitted the required information. Other types of applications can take longer to process.

After your initial application has been assessed, you may receive an admission offer or you may receive advisor comments indicating that further coursework or documents are required. Check your application status in Launchpad.

If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your application, please contact the Student Service Centre.

Marks Review

If your final marks are highly competitive, you may be admitted based on your final Grade 11 marks alone, but most students need to present some final Grade 12 marks before receiving an offer. If you are not eligible the first time you are assessed, you may be asked to submit more courses and final marks (and/or other required documents), at which point you will be re-assessed. Review the Dates and Deadlines web page to ensure your final marks are submitted on time.

Admission Average Calculation

Admission averages are calculated using the final grades in the five courses required by the program you have applied for. Where Grade 12 final marks are not available, we will use the final mark achieved in the Grade 11 equivalent course.

Order of Evaluation

You will first be evaluated for your first-choice program. If you are eligible for your first-choice program, you will receive an offer for that program and you will not be evaluated for your second-choice program, regardless of whether you choose to accept your first offer or not. You will be evaluated for your second-choice program only if you are not immediately eligible for your first-choice program.

Evaluation for Scholarships

You will be evaluated for scholarships based on your admission average as calculated at the time of your admission offer. You will not be re-evaluated for scholarship eligibility or value a second time, even if your marks increase or decrease.

Submit Outstanding Documents

Reference your checklist in Launchpad to see what outstanding documents and other items are still required, and ensure they are submitted by the deadline indicated on our Dates and Deadlines web page.

Out-of-Province Students

Your transcripts may not be transferred automatically. Please ensure they are sent to and received by the U of A. For ApplyAlberta applicants, your final Alberta high school transcripts will be sent on your behalf when you apply through ApplyAlberta.

International Curriculum Students

Students currently in high school need to submit their previous year’s results and confirmation of final-year course registrations. Students who have completed high school need to submit official and complete copies of their final results or information, which allows for their results to be verified online. You should upload these documents to your Launchpad.

Change Programs + Priorities

If you wish to change the program(s) that you have applied to, fill out the Program Change Request form in Launchpad before February 16, 2024. This form is available 14 days after the submission of your application.

Your request will be reviewed by an admissions advisor and, if approved, your original application will be cancelled and a new, fee-waived application form will be added to your Launchpad portal. You must submit this form with your new program choices before the application deadline for the specific programs you wish to be considered for.

You can only request one program change per application.

After a program change form is submitted and approved, any existing admission and associated scholarship offers will be cancelled and automatically re-evaluated based on your new application.

If you wish to swap the priority of the program choices already on your application, please submit your request through the Student Service Portal by June 1, 2024.

Submit Course + Mark Updates

If you are currently attending high school, you can self-report your high school courses and marks at the time of your application, rather than waiting for your final transcripts. This allows us to evaluate your application much faster.

Please note: Your final, official transcripts will still be required. If there is a discrepancy between your final, official transcripts and your self-recorded grades, your admission offer could be revoked. Learn more about submitting transcripts and documents.

After you’ve submitted your application, you may be asked to submit updated courses and new final Grade 12 marks in Launchpad between February 12 and April 30. Students studying in a quarter system may be able to also update final grades on December 1. Once submitted, your application will be re-evaluated.

Acceptable types of updates

  • Add/update final marks for completed Grade 12 courses (mark should reflect the final blended grade if a provincial exam was written)
  • Add/update mid-term marks for full-year courses (must reflect at least 50% of course content; interim marks will not be accepted in the second semester)
  • Drop previously listed courses if you have withdrawn from them

If you have made an error on your application or have forgotten to include courses, grades or other information, please contact the Student Service Centre for assistance. Please do not submit a new application to correct the error.


If you have already graduated from high school, you will need to apply using your final, official Grade 12 transcripts.

If you have already received an offer of admission, hooray! There is no need to submit new courses and marks until you receive your final transcript.

Submit updated courses and marks

Next Step

We look forward to reviewing your application to the U of A! Keep an eye on your Launchpad account; this is where we will send you any updates or admission information.

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