Transfer Credit Search

Looking to transfer previously completed post secondary courses for credit towards a University of Alberta program? Transfer Credit Search is a database of current equivalent course agreements for U of A courses from external institutions.

This database is not comprehensive. Important information for using the Transfer Credit Search can be found below.

The Transfer Credit Search is not recommended for viewing on a mobile device. For the best experience view on a desktop or tablet device.


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Important Information

Course credit acceptance depends on your program

  • Courses listed are transferable to the University of Alberta. Whether or not the courses may transfer to your program will be determined by the faculty after you have been admitted.
  • Transfer credit being granted to the University of Alberta is dependent on the grade you received, program requirements, and U of A residency requirements.
  • Transfer credit cannot be fully evaluated until you have applied, been admitted to the program, and submitted all required documentation and transcripts.
  • The database will be updated as new agreements are made and when existing agreements are updated. The transfer credit received in Bear Tracks will be final and may not reflect the information found in this database.

What's NOT included in the database

  • This database does not include courses that are not accepted or have not been reviewed. Those courses would be reviewed if you have been admitted to the U of A. There is no capacity to review courses prior to application or being admitted.
  • Historical agreements that are no longer active will not appear in this list. If you have taken these courses, you can still get transfer credit and you will be updated after you have been admitted.

Transfer credit search vs Transfer Alberta

  • For courses that also appear in Transfer Alberta, any discrepancies with this list are either being updated in both systems or are being investigated. Final decisions will be available when your transfer credit is posted.

Tips for using transfer credit search

  • The naming of the institution you are transferring from may not be exact due to database constraints. Use the search field and/or use the filters to locate the institution.
  • There could be specific notes about the agreement in the Course Comments section which can be found when you click on the agreement.
  • Agreements may not lead to specific U of A courses (Ex. BIOL 107). You could see the following:
    • BIOL 1XX - this would be an unspecified agreement where you would receive credit for a 100-level Biology course.
    • SCOPT 1XX - this would be an agreement where you would receive credit for a Science Option at the 100-level.

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