Campus Options


The University of Alberta is a multi-campus university, with three main teaching campuses - each with its own atmosphere and focus.

North Campus (Edmonton)

Student Population: 40,000 | Average Class Size: 38

North Campus in Edmonton is our primary teaching and research campus - a vibrant hub of activity all year round. Occupying over 50 city blocks, it's a city within a city, located on the edge of the river valley. It's in a classic academic setting steeped in over 100 years of history, but also home to some of the most advanced facilities in the world.


Campus Saint-Jean (Edmonton)

Student Population: 950 | Average Class Size: 25

Campus Saint-Jean offers an immersive cultural experience of learning in French, where you can take numerous courses and programs in the heart of Edmonton's francophone neighbourhood, and North Campus is just a free 10-minute shuttle ride away! Campus Saint-Jean also offers Résidence Saint-Jean.

Le Campus Saint-Jean, seule institution post-secondaire francophone de l'Ouest Canadien, offre à ses étudiants le cadre idéal pour l'apprentissage et l'implication communautaire grâce à ses petites classes, ses bourses récompensant l'excellence académique, et ses opportunités en recherche. Le Campus Saint-Jean en offert aussi la Résidence Saint-Jean.


Augustana Campus (Camrose)

Student Population: 1,000 | Average Class Size: 22

Augustana Campus, in Camrose, Alberta, one hour southeast of Edmonton, is home to just over 1,000 students from across Canada and around the world. Augustana offers liberal arts and science degree programs in an intimate and personalized setting, with smaller class sizes and a more flexible academic schedule.

Augustana also offers a modified semester system called The Augustana Calendar. Each semester is comprised of a 3-week session studying a single course, followed by a more traditional 11-week session studying up to four courses. This gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into research, travel, and other experiential learning endeavors, while at the same time reducing stress and workload.

All Augustana students are encouraged to live in residence.