"Our vision is to minimize the burden of respiratory disease on the individual and society."


Alberta Respiratory Centre (ARC) at the University of Alberta is a multi-disciplinary group.

We pursue clinical innovation, research, and education in respiratory disease.

Formally, Alberta Asthma Centre and Pulmonary Research Group, Alberta Respiratory Centre established in 2017.


Why ARC?


Every day, thousands of Albertans struggle to breathe.

From premature newborns to the elderly, breathing problems diminish quality of life and shorten many lives.

Respiratory health is a complex.

It demands unique, innovative, patient-centred, evidence-informed solutions for prevention and treatment.

University of Alberta is known for its world-class research and is home to outstanding scientists, clinicians and educators who work at the frontlines of respiratory health, developing new technology and innovative ideas and bringing them directly to patients.

ARC's research and clinical innovation can improve and save lives. Our scientific progress over the years has allowed the Alberta Respiratory Centre to evolve into a globally-recognized network, increasing the diversification of expertise in respiratory medicine to address the growing needs of our populations.

Objectives and Goals


Management: Establish an effective administrative structure with ongoing evaluation for ARC to achieve our networking, research, education and care objectives.
Network: Develop a local, provincial, national and international network of professionals and patients to foster an environment where members challenge the boundaries of knowledge to achieve the ARC vision.
• Research: Conduct innovative research on the prevention, etiology, pathogenesis, and management of respiratory disease and foster the translation of the new knowledge into patient care and policy.
• Education: Develop and deliver education to patients, health-care professionals, and trainees across the spectrum of respiratory health and disease.
• Patient Care: Facilitate use of current knowledge and resources to optimize care and empower patients with respiratory disease.
• Leadership: Establish meaningful partnerships with our research, education, advocacy, and care partners.


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