Association of Retired Academic Staff

"I believe that there is a such a thing as self-ordination, when a person decides to devote himself to a life work such as that of a scholar."

S. Howard Bartley

What Goes on in ARAS?

Aside from the good fellowship one finds in associating with one's retired colleagues, the primary activities of members are found in the operation of Special Interest Groups which meet monthly. During the year from Fall to Spring, the active groups are Current Affairs, Arts, Travel, and Book Club. The Dining Out group meets monthly year round, with members taking turns at organizing a dinner at a favourite restaurant. New interest groups are formed when there is sufficient interest among the members.

Each month, from Fall through Spring, there is a monthly “Lunch With…” presentation in Room 1-38 University Terrace featuring an invited speaker talking on any one of a range of stimulating topics. Then, in mid December ARAS organizes its Annual Christmas Brunch at the University Club which brings together the membership in an often noisy and good- humoured meeting
of minds.

Today, the Association has its office in 6-30 University Terrace, where our Office Assistant works from 2:00 - 5:00pm on Tuesdays, and where the meetings of most Interest Groups are held.

Who Can Join?

All categories of staff represented by the Association of Academic Staff: University of Alberta are eligible for membership. Additionally, other academic employees not represented by AASUA are welcomed to membership. These include former Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Deans, management and professional staff, adjunct faculty, and other academic colleagues not paid by the University of Alberta.

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Spouses/companions of members are welcome to attend all activities of the Association and can continue membership after a member's passing. We welcome inquiries from current retirees as well as those contemplating retirement in the not-too-distant future, and encourage them to join us! Contact details are shown below.


University of Alberta
University Terrace 6-30 
(c/o Dept of Family Medicine)
Edmonton AB T6G 2R3

Phone: (780) 492-2914


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