Augustana Conference on Undergraduate Research and Innovative Teaching

From Concepts to Skills: Integrating Undergraduate Research and Student Engagement into our Learning and Teaching

Camrose, Alberta, Canada
May 3-5, 2017

ACURIT (Augustana Conference on Undergraduate Research and Innovative Teaching) and
AIBA (Alberta Introductory Biology Association) Joint Conference

We are excited to be hosting this joint meeting to showcase innovative teaching and undergraduate research. ACURIT and AIBA are complementary in focus:

  • ACURIT is a two-day international conference for students and professors that showcases undergraduate research and teaching strategies.
  • AIBA is a committed group of Alberta biology educators who work together to promote the best educational experience for aspiring biologists. The group meets once a year for a one day conference discussing different aspects of teaching and learning.

2017 will be the 20th annual meeting of AIBA and the 4th for ACURIT. The theme of the 2017 meeting, From Concepts to Skills, considers how we can design engaged educational experiences to promote deep learning and the development of transferable skills. The joint conference will specifically consider how instructors may use content to facilitate the acquisition of skills in students by creating active learning opportunities in our courses. Our keynote speaker is Maryellen Weimer who will be addressing the question What Makes Teaching Learner-Centered?


All participants are welcome to attend the entire joint conference May 3-5, 2017.

  • AIBA – May 3
  • Joint conference keynote presentation - Afternoon of May 3
  • ACURIT – May 4-5


The conference will be held at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus.  More information.

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