The BME Seminar Series features presentations surrounding the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Next Upcoming Seminar:

Date: 2018 August 17

Time: Noon - 1PM

Location: 1-075 RTF

Presentation Topic: Quantification of Mechanisms of Human Seated Balance Using System Identification

Presenter: Kshitij Agarwal, MSc. candidate


Elderly individuals and those affected by neuromuscular disorders are frequently not able to independently maintain seated balance. To develop therapies and targeted interventions for seated instability, it is essential, however, to first identify the mechanisms responsible for controlling seated balance. In this context, classical system identification techniques are a promising tool for obtaining a quantitative description of such mechanisms. Motivated by these considerations, the objective of this M.Sc. research project was to quantify, using advanced system identification techniques, the active and passive control mechanisms, the muscular dynamics, and the sensorimotor time delay in seated balance control of non-disabled individuals. Fourteen young, non-disabled individuals were perturbed while sitting using mild, mechanical surface perturbations. The across-participant variability of the non-parametric estimates of the active and active-passive control components was small. The neural dynamics were identified as a proportional-derivative (PD) controller with acceleration feedback; the sensorimotor time delay as an exponential decay function; the mechanical dynamics as a PD controller; and the muscular dynamics as a second-order transfer function. In this study, the mechanisms of seated balance have been successfully quantified for non-disabled individuals. The identified parameters can furthermore be used as a normative benchmark for quantitatively and mechanistically assessing the severity of seated imbalance in affected individuals, with the goal of optimizing rehabilitation therapies and interventions.

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The BME Seminar Series features presentations by current graduate students as part of the BME 600A/B courses (Fall/Winter terms). Each of the seminars offers a glimpse into biomedical research taking place at our university.

Details about the next series will be posted soon!

Upcoming seminar:

Title: 3D Ultrasound Navigation System for Screw Insertion in Spine Surgery

Speaker: Andrew Chan

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 26, 2018

Time: Noon to 1:00 PM

Venue: ECHA L1-220


Spine surgery for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the second most common pediatric orthopedic surgery. The surgery involves insertion of screws through narrow pedicles into the vertebral body, requiring high accuracy to prevent nerve root or spinal cord injury. While CT or fluoroscopic-based image guidance for screw placement have been used in the past, the large bulky nature of these machines and added exposure to ionizing radiation preclude their widespread use, particularly for pediatric patients. There is potential for 3D ultrasound combined with image registration techniques to be used for image guidance of screw placement in spine surgeries. The objective of this thesis project is to develop a novel 3D ultrasound guidance system for screw placement. Optitrack Prime 13W motion capture cameras with an Ultrasonix 6.67 MHz medical ultrasound machine were used, with custom software developed to generate 3D ultrasound surface maps of vertebral surfaces. An image registration program was developed to match pre-operative 3D vertebral models with 3D ultrasound surface scans of vertebrae. Further work in testing on porcine spines and then cadavers needs to be completed to ensure the system can be used for surgical purposes.

RTF Table Tennis Tourney April 2018!

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Update 4 April 2018:

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Tentatively, we are planning the tournament day during the week of April 23-27, but please use our Table Tennis Tourney Doodle Poll to indicate which day works best for you. The tourney bracket will include everyone who signs up.

We will also have a practice session some time prior to the tournament. We will use this to go over the rules, wipe some of the rust off, and make sure everyone is on the same page! Everyone who is interested can fill out the Practice Day Doodle Poll.

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