The Old Nurses Residence

South-East angle of the building

Location, History and Opportunities

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is located in the Research Transition Facility, which was originally built in three sections during the 1940's and 50's as a Nurses' Residence. The main office is located in room 1-098 (nearest the south entrance).

The Department was established in 1982, although its roots date back to 1967. We are interdisciplinary in outlook, interfacing closely with other departments in the:

We also have links with Biomedical Engineering at the University of Calgary.

Our Department serves to facilitate the development and application of engineering and science to the study of medical problems.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers research opportunities and courses leading to MSc and PhD degrees. Our primary areas of research are biomaterials, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy and rehabilitation engineering. Students may elect to register for the MSc or PhD degrees in another department while carrying out research and being co-supervised within the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Those departments particularly suited for this option include the following:

Persons seeking to be admitted as graduate students to the Department of Biomedical Engineering must, in addition to satisfying the admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, hold an earned degree in engineering or a physical science.