Career Resources for Students

We offer a variety of resources both online and in our centres to assist you in successfully managing your career and navigating your work search. Whether you are looking for quick tips or more extensive support and guidance, we can help.
Your career is more than your degree.

What can I do with my degree?

Learn how experiences, interests, and decisions impact your career.

What can I do with my degree?

The experiences you engage in, the interests you pursue, and the decisions you make - prior to, during, and beyond your time at the U of A - will impact your career, often in ways you cannot predict.

Where do I start getting experience?

The best advice for seeking new opportunities is to diversify and target your search methods. Whether you are looking for a job, research experience, volunteer role, or international experience, we can help you get started.


A resume is one of the most common tools used in applying for work and helps the employer determine if you are a good candidate for an interview.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is an opportunity to expand on how your experience, education, skills, and accomplishments connect to the position you are applying.


The interview allows the employer to assess your competency for the position through your ability to communicate your credentials, experience, and accomplishments.


Networking is forming and cultivating meaningful relationships with people who can help you access new and current information, gain exposure to new experiences, and connect you to new people.

Online Profiles

Your online presence is made up of your personally-identifying content and information on the internet.


A portfolio is a collection of documents that illustrate your achievements, skills, personal traits, and so on.

Publications and Reports

We create a variety of in-house publications and resources, including faculty-specific career guides to samples of resumes.

Resource Centre and Library

The Resource Centre is home to almost 1,400 publications on career management, occupational choices and work options, work search, writing work search tools, interviews, and more. Resource formats include books, directories, DVDs, audio recordings, pamphlets, and periodicals such as the Bloomberg Business Week, The International Educator, and Alberta Venture.

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Is the job right for you?

Before applying for a job, consider if the job is relevant to your needs and interests using the information available in the job posting and the organization's website and official social media pages.

How to support students in career development

As a parent, educator, or advisor supporting a student, you play an integral role in the development of their career. Using strategies that promote healthy, lifelong career management habits, you can help guide students in their career journey and equip them for a successful road ahead.