Multifaceted Evaluation of Teaching

Reflecting on your teaching is integral to creating effective learning opportunities for students and essential to continuous development in your teaching praxis. The Framework for Effective Teaching provides a way to engage in multifaceted evaluation of teaching.

The Framework provides a systematic way to consider teaching effectiveness across five domains. It supports you in collecting data, gaining deeper insight and understanding of your teaching and learning experiences, and continuously improving your interventions.

In each of the five domains, you will find strategies for collecting evidence to reflect on your teaching from three key voices: your students, your peers, and your reflection on your teaching. The guidance on gathering data outlined here is not prescriptive; instead, it provides details about how you might start the multifaceted evaluation of your teaching.

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Framework for Effective Teaching

The Framework for Effective Teaching can help you reflect on factors contributing to meeting program objectives and course learning outcomes in the teaching and learning environment. As an instructor, you can arrange the learning situation to provide opportunities for your students to reach these outcomes. Based on an extensive literature review and feedback from the University of Alberta community, CTL has developed the Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning.

The Framework will help you consider questions like:

  • How can you improve students' learning experience in our courses?
  • How do we know what aspects of your teaching practice are effective and what could be improved?
  • What methods are available to you to facilitate the continual development of your teaching practice?
  • How will you know if your newly learned interventions have impacted learning?

If you would like to read further or see the works informing the Framework for Effective Teaching, please checkout our reading list on our Libraries Reading List Service.