The Department of Chemistry has a Lab Locker Rental Fee of $15/course that is applied to all courses in which students are assigned to use lockers containing equipment for individual student use.  The lab locker fee is for material rented or leased to students in their Chemistry lab lockers (or lab drawers).

Courses with a lab locker fee:  CHEM 101, 102, 103, 105, 164, 261, 263, 211, 213, 241, 243, 333, 361, 363, 461, 561

Please visit the links below to find more information for your lab.

To report an absence from a lab, please complete the Exam/Lab Absence Form (PDF, 75k) and return it to your lab coordinator.

Analytical Chemistry

Lab coordinator: Dr. Gregory Kiema

Websites: Analytical Chemistry Laboratories

Courses: CHEM 211, 213, 305, 313

General Chemistry

Lab coordinator: Dr. Norman Gee

Website: General Chemistry Laboratories

Courses: CHEM 101, 102, 103, 105

Inorganic Chemistry

Lab coordinator: Dr. Jason Cooke

Website: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratories

Courses: CHEM 241, 243, 333

Organic Chemistry

Lab coordinator: Dr. Hayley Wan

Website: Organic Chemistry Laboratories

Courses: CHEM 164, 261, 263, 361, 363

Physical Chemistry

Lab coordinator: Dr. Anna Jordan

Website: Physical Chemistry Laboratories

Courses: CHEM 371, 373