About Us

The China Institute at the University of Alberta was established in 2005 with an endowment fund of C$37 million from the Government of Alberta. The endowment matched the appraised value of The Mactaggart Art Collection, donated to the University of Alberta Museums by Edmonton philanthropists Sandy and Cécile Mactaggart, under an agreement by the University that the funds so obtained would be used to create a China Institute, dedicated to enhancing understanding between Canada and China.

The China Institute is focused on the study of contemporary China, including cutting-edge and policy relevant research on Chinese energy policy, politics, economy, social issues, culture and Canada-China relations.



Director L. Philippe Rheault was appointed in September 2023. Jia Wang acted as Interim Director of The China Institute from 2020-2023. Gordon Houlden, the first Director of The China Institute, served from 2008-2020; he was appointed in 2008 and commenced his second term as Director in 2014. Dr. Wenran Jiang was the Acting Director from 2005-2008.