Media Archive 2013

  • Is China getting uneasy with North Korea

    April 05, 2013

    As rantings from North Korea become ever more belligerent and bizarre, there are signs that China, its only outside friend in the world, is beginning to distance itself, too. Normally reluctant to voice any sign of despair whenever tensions deepen on the Korean Peninsula, the Chinese are now talking about their "serious concern" over escalating developments there.

  • Alberta oil discount raises investing alarms for Chinese firms

    February 27, 2013

    The $15.1-billion (U.S.) takeover of Nexen Inc. by CNOOC Ltd. has yet to receive its final seal of approval. But Chinese firms are already telling the Canadian government they are nervous about the declining value of Alberta crude - concerns that stand to affect the flow of foreign dollars into the western energy sector.

  • Energy crunch: Canada's future tied to foreign investment

    January 04, 2013

    When Prime Minister Stephen Harper approved a massive foreign takeover of a major Canadian oil company and laid out rules for similar deals in the future, the decision might have answered one question, but it raised a host of new issues. Last month, the Harper government gave its blessing to the $15-billion sale of Nexen Inc., a large Calgary-based oil and gas producer active around the world. The federal government also said that, in the future, similar takeover bids initiated by state-owned enterprises (SOEs) for Canadian oilsands businesses will be approved only "in exceptional circumstances."