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630 CHED - Unrest in China

Gordon speaks to Shaye Ganam on 630 CHED about the current unrest in China

The Xi dilemma: China's instability and a zero-COVID trap

Yves Tiberghien speaks to CBC on China's protest

In and out in Alberta

Gordon speaks with Zi-Ann Lum of the Ottawa Playbook for Politico newsletter.

Why China’s ‘paper’ protests are a problem for Xi Jinping — ‘Mr. Everything’

Gordon Houlden and Jia Wang are quoted in Toronto Star

Anti-lockdown protests growing in cities across China

Yves Tiberghien appears on CBC News: The Nationals

Back in the saddle, and not on strike!

Gordon Houlden discusses the Trudeau-Xi confrontation at the G20. Segment begins at 00:38:16.

Tense meeting at G20 summit

Gordon Houlden is interviewed by CTV News

China responds to UN report regarding human rights abuses in Xinjiang

Gordon Houlden speaks on Hamilton Today - the Scott Thompson Show

Can crucial trade ties save the world from war? Putin's invasion has created doubters

Jia Wang is quoted in CBC News article

Canadian accused of subverting Hong Kong's government wants Ottawa to take action on threats

Gordon Houlden is quoted in CBC News article