On-Campus Research

Resuming research on our campuses

When research activities on campus are temporarily paused or moved off campus as part of public health measures, they must resume gradually. On-campus activities are phased in slowly and carefully in order to comply with public health workplace requirements, avoid further stresses on in-demand resources, and safely manage our workspaces.

Guidance is available to help ensure your campus research space(s) and work environment(s) meets current public health requirements. Once ready, researchers can then apply to resume their research on campus.

Even with the resumption of some research activity on our campuses, buildings remain closed to the public. Currently, only employees who are required to maintain essential services or approved research are allowed to work on campus. All other employees should continue to work remotely. 

In moderation, and if required, researchers working remotely can coordinate visits to their on-campus workspaces through their supervisors should they need to retrieve items or pick up supplies. 

Additional details and resources for employees, managers and supervisors to support a gradual, safe return to our campuses to complete critical functions will be shared as soon as they are available in the weeks to come.