Dinosaur Research and News

Life preserved in amber

Paleontologists discover dino tail, blood, and feathers encased in amber.

Internationally renowned paleontologist Philip J. Currie delves into details surrounding the Korean Mongolia International Dinosaur Project.


Baby Dino in DinoStars

University of Alberta paleontologist Phil Currie discusses two recent Alberta dinosaur discoveries at the U of A: the "mummified" Edmontosaurus regalis and the baby Chasmosaurus belli.


Bringing Dinosaurs to Life

Lida Xing is a 29-year-old master's student in paleontology at the University of Alberta and a self-taught artist. To pass on his wonder of dinosaurs, he filled the pages of numerous books and magazines with his work.


Peering into a Dinosaur Mummy

The dinosaur-bone bed known as the River of Death covers 41,000 square feet. The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum houses fossils from the area as well as state-of-the art research and educational facilities.


The Making of a Paleontologist

The search for dinosaur bones has taken UAlberta paleontologist Phil Currie to both poles and many spots in between. In 2012, his travels and his many scientific accomplishments were recognized by the Explorers Club.