Laboratory for Vertebrate Paleontology

The Laboratory for Vertebrate Paleontology is an exceptional resource for exploring fossil vertebrate animals, including jawless vertebrates, fishes, amphibians, lizards, marine reptiles, dinosaurs, and birds. One of the finest collections of its kind in Canada, it contains more than 50,000 specimens, and is actively used by researchers and students. Specimens range from 450 million to 10,000 years old, with significant fossils highlighting unique discoveries that address major evolutionary questions.

Location and Access

  • The collection can be accessed by students, faculty, researchers, and members of the public
  • To arrange access to the laboratory, contact the curator of the fossil group you are interested in
  • Highlights of the collection are exhibited in the Paleontology Museum (B-01 Earth Sciences Building)
    • Monday to Friday (closed holidays): 8 am to 4 pm
    • Members of the public and school groups (K-12) are welcome to arrange a tour of the Paleontology Museum (minimum five, maximum 30 people)  
    • Contact the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in advance to ensure availability
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