University of Alberta Museums Student Internship

The University of Alberta Museums is pleased to offer a paid summer internship opportunity to be awarded to a student currently enrolled at the senior undergraduate level at the University of Alberta.

The successful applicant will undertake a summer internship, up to four months in length, with the University of Alberta Museums unit gaining a diverse experience in museum practice in a research intensive, object-based learning environment. The student will undertake projects in one or more of the following areas of museology/museum innovation:

  • Community Engagement: formal/informal approaches to learning and engagement which are of benefit to the community. Projects may include: public and educational programs, contributing content for the web/social media, event planning and implementation.
  • Conservation: the practices involved in preserving and maintaining museum objects. Projects may include: preventive projects such as mount-making, object preparation, integrated pest management, condition reporting. 
  • Curation: collections-based research resulting in new knowledge. Projects may include: research for exhibition projects, writing didactic and interpretive materials. 
  • Exhibitions/Design: the planning, design, implementation, and considerations for the presentation, care, and interpretation of museum objects. Projects may include: exhibit installation, storyline development.
  • Information/Collections Management: processes involved to document, record, and digitize museum objects and collections. Projects may include: data entry, online access and digitization, collections management processes related to registration, cataloguing, inventory, loans, deaccessioning.
  • Research: exploring ideas/theories related to museum innovation, the future of museums and their role in the world. Projects may include: object-based research, researching primary and secondary sources.


Jill Horbay

Communications and Marketing Manager