Museum Collection Care

University of Alberta Museums (UAlberta Museums) are responsible for being compliant with applicable professional museum standards of practice and ethical guidelines. Collections care is essential to compliance as it aims to preserve UAlberta Museums collections for future generations. Museums and Collections Services (MACS) advocates for preventive collections care, which strives to prevent or mitigate damage to objects through the creation and maintenance of a protective environment whether in storage, on exhibit, or in transit. MACS also advises and facilitates treatment intervention when necessary.

MACS offers collections care advice, services, and training to UAlberta Museums staff, students, and volunteers in several areas including:

  • Care and handling of museum objects
  • Collections data management and digitization
  • Packing of museum objects for transportation
  • Object condition and treatment assessments
  • Storage cabinets, security, materials, and methodology (e.g., inventory control)
  • Exhibitions (e.g., materials, mounts, and light levels)
  • Integrated Pest Management, including pest monitoring and pest infestation response
  • Emergency Preparedness and operations continuity (visit the Museum Emergency Preparedness page).

For more information regarding UAlberta Museums training opportunities visit the Museum Training page or contact MACS directly.